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Searching for Student Records - Enrolling Students in Your School

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Searching for Student Records - Enrolling Students in Your School
by MyEd73 Support Team - Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 8:52 PM

School Admin & Secretaries

UPDATED August 30, 2016 - new version dated August 2016 available

The MyEdBC Enrollment Management & Student Demographics guide was revised in August 2016.  The document is located in this folder:  Clerical > Enrollment and Withdrawal > MyEdBC Enrollment Management & Student Demographics V2.1

Please refer to the newest version only. 

Student Record Archiving in MyEdBC
Following EOYR, the student archive procedure was performed in the Production environment. This is now an annual event that will be scheduled to run post-EOYR as a standard operating procedure.
Student records are only archived if they meet the following criteria:
• Student is Inactive for a period of 4 years, and
• Student is over 6 years of age

Important:  School and District personnel responsible for student registration are reminded to query the archive database if a student was previously enrolled in a BC school and is not found in the live environment during the regular restricted query process.

Information on this was added to the Enrollment and Demographics reference guide, sections 2.1.3 Admitting a student from the Archive Environment (pages 11-12) and 2.2.2 Withdrawn students and Archiving (pages 17-18)

Navigation for Archive Search:
MyEdBC > Production
School View > Student Top Tap > Options > "Flag Student for Retrieval"
enter the student PEN - or – Legal First Name, Legal Last Name, Gender and DOB.