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Registering New Students and Avoiding Creation of Duplicates

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Registering New Students and Avoiding Creation of Duplicates
by MyEd73 Support Team - Tuesday, 9 February 2016, 11:51 AM

All School Administrator/Secretaries:

Due to the large number of duplicate student records that are inadvertently being created in MyEdBC, Fujitsu has provided some recommendations for registering students using the Registration Wizard in MyEdBC:

  • Do not use the first name in the restrictive query. Leave this first field blank
  • Use the Legal Last Name only in the restrictive query  (Step 1) of the Registration Wizard. Ensure you are taking the Legal Last Name from either a Birth Certificate or other approved legal document
  • Choose the gender from the drop-down, do not try to free-form type in the field.
  • Type in the date of birth in this format only:  Example: 15-Mar-2009
    • Date format: DD-MMM-YYYY  or DD MMM YYYY, the hyphens are optional.
    • Watch that this date does not change if you use the tab key to move to next field.
    • Do not use the date-pick calendar as there appears to be some issues associated with its use at this time.

Where possible, ask questions of the parent when a new student is registering at your school.   For example, ask if their child has ever been enrolled or registered in a school in British Columbia. This is especially important if they have an out-of-province Birth Certificate. This information will give you an idea of what results you will expect to see when using the Registration Wizard.