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1701 Snapshot Date: FEBRUARY 12, 2016

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1701 Snapshot Date: FEBRUARY 12, 2016
by MyEd73 Support Team - Friday, 22 January 2016, 3:29 PM

School Administrators/Secretaries:

Beginning now, schools should be performing regular 1701 extracts from MyEducation BC, uploading the file to the school-level Web Verification Manager, checking for errors and performing fixes to clean their data.

Step by step 1701 instructions and other resources for the 1701 data collection are available:

The District level will extract a centralized Trial Run of the enrolment data for all schools on Friday, January 29th, and you will be contacted if there are any errors showing for your school.

  • Your data should be checked and re-checked many times by your school team in the next 3 weeks leading up to the snapshot on February 12th. 

The final 1701 snapshot will be extracted centrally by the District.  Schools should not email 1701 files to the Service Desk.