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Advanced Notice of Outage: MyEdBC Nov 6 to Nov 12

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Advanced Notice of Outage: MyEdBC Nov 6 to Nov 12
by MyEd73 Support Team - Friday, 9 October 2015, 2:31 PM


Previously we advised that MyEdBC Production would be out of service for the Cohort 7 conversion from October 9 to 15.   There has been a change to this outage as follows:

NOTICE FROM Ministry of Education:

As we have extended the  submission deadline for 1701 and enrollment data to Oct 16, we have had to postpone the planned Thanksgiving (Oct 9 - 15) conversion to November.  We need to avoid having the service offline during the submission window.  Earlier today I canvassed districts to determine which November window would be least disruptive to their business cycle. The conversion date will be Nov 6 - Nov 12, which was selected by the majority of districts.
I realize this is not ideal for anyone, and we will provide any support we can to minimize the impact on your teachers, and district staff.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Eleanor Liddy, Executive Director, Student Information Services
Services and Technology Division , Ministry of Education

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