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Missing PENs for 1701 Snapshot

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Missing PENs for 1701 Snapshot
by MyEd73 Support Team - Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 2:53 PM

A quick way to see if you have missing Pen Numbers for any newly registered students is to sort your "Primary Active" Student List.

Here's how:

    Filter: Primary Active Students
    Field Set: Default  (or any Field Set that displays PEN #)
    Double Click on the yellow PEN Column Header (a triangle will appear in that column indicating the sort order)
    Empty Pen Number fields will appear on the top
    Click on Check box next to student name
    Show select any student(s) that does not have a PEN number
    Go to the Printer Icon and print that list

If you have just registered a student (in the last 24 hours) and the field is blank, it is because the number has not yet been populated. Every night as part of the MyEdBC maintenance process, pen numbers are assigned and populated to any new students (students that did not have an existing record in BCesis or other BC school). If you registered the student last week and a PEN number has not been populated, this is a clear signal that there is an existing record for that student at the Ministry of Education.

If you determine that this is the case, you will need to re-query (with legal documentation) and register the correct student in to MyEDBC.  Following that, you will need to submit the document  "Duplicate Student Record Deletion Form" (attached). Please submit this form (in Word Format, not PDF) in an email attachment to the Service desk.  Please fill this document out carefully. You will need to include what record you want deleted and which record you want to keep. Tip: Typically, the record you want to delete is the one that does not
have a PEN #.

Once you bring in (register) the correct student record, you will now show two records for the same student.  I recommend that you withdraw the duplicate record that you created.  Use a code  or reason of  "No show." By withdrawing, it removes the duplicated student from your "Primary Active Student" Filter, takes he/she out of your current student enrollment count,  and then places him/her in your "Former" Students lists. A" Pando"  ticket gets created by the Service desk as soon as they receive the form and the record will be deleted from MyEdBC.  You can check your "Former" Student filter from time to time to see if the duplicated student record has been removed.  If a significant amount of time (2-3 weeks) has passed and the student still shows up in your former list, you may want to follow up with the Service Desk for an update.