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Fees & End of Year Roll Over

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Fees & End of Year Roll Over
by MyEd73 Support Team - Thursday, 25 June 2015, 11:05 AM

End-of-Year Rollover testing indicates that fee records with outstanding balances will carry forward on the student record for the next school year.   Where a student is withdrawing or transitioning to a new school, outstanding fees should be voided or deleted (as per district policy) prior to the withdrawal or transition of students.   Receiving schools do not have the ability to remove or manage a fee record from another school, but will have outstanding fees from previous schools appearing on their account statements.  


The practice of voiding or deleting outstanding fees should continue as part of normal withdrawal and transfer procedures throughout the school year as students move between schools.   In the event that an outstanding fee record has followed a student to their new school,  the new school can contact the previous school to remove the record.  The previous school will still be able to see the fee in the School top tab > Cashier’s Office side tab and remove it.