Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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Tuesday, 20 August, 8:00 AM » 10:00 AM

Note that TREC/CE will be arriving at 8:00. @KOOL was scheduled to start at 9:00

Brad requires these pre-EOYR snapshots for @KOOL and CE to start the new year 2019-20

gde_marks (transcripts)

MyEd73 > Documents > Data Remediation & Validation > Pre-EOYR-August2019

Name: 7399103_@KOOL_CourseMarks.csv

Name: 7399103_@KOOL_StudentCourseSelection.csv

Name: 7373000_ContEd_CourseMarks.csv

Name: 7373000_ContEd_StudentCourseSelection.csv

Site event

BRAD/SIOBHAN - HIGH SCHOOL School Startup - Session 1

Tuesday, 20 August, 12:30 PM » 3:00 PM

SUBJECT: Middle, Secondary, K-12 School Setup

Sign up for one session only. Each school send a PVP to do this work for your school.

What to bring:
Your school calendar (already stated) with tumble patterns
Your bell schedule (if changed from last year)
Your board (on paper)